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Everybody Starts Somewhere

Keith spent 18 years in front of the camera as a Male Model. While working on the other side of the lens, with some of the best photographers of that time, such as Herb Ritts, Keith learned a great deal on how to create the best moment on camera and present each subject to it's best advantage. Because of his experience working in front of the camera, Keith knows how to work with his clients to relax and enjoy the process. He truly loves the journey on each shoot of bringing o

Let Me Introduce Myself

Meet JD, I'll be your guide through our websites behind the scenes action...and your point person to getting your photoshoot from a concept to a beautiful result. We are so happy you're here! I look forward to working with you and answering all of your questions...basically we want nothing more for you to be absolutely thrilled with your photos and to have a wonderful time while we are on the shoot. The best results come when you, the subject, are relaxed, confident and happy

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